5 Star - Down Feather Pillow

Down Feather Pillow
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5 Star Down Feather Pillow 

Product Specifications: 

  • Name: 5 Star Down Feather Pillow 
  • Size: European Queen Size (20" x 30") 
  • Weight: 1.5 kg  
  • Fill Material: Duck Feather (70% Feather/30% Down) 
  • Cover Material: 100% Down-proof Cotton certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 
  • Firmness: Super Soft 
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes 
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only, do not wash 



  1. Supreme Comfort: 5 Star Down Feather Pillow is filled with premium 30% white duck down feather with a high fill power, providing unparalleled softness and support for a night of blissful sleep. 
  2. Luxurious Design: Its elegant design with double-stitched edges and 3cm gusseted construction not only offers superior comfort but also adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom decor. 
  3. Meets International Hotel Standards: The 5 Star Down Feather Pillow follows the same high-quality standards set by international hotels, ensuring a level of comfort and luxury associated with the finest accommodations worldwide. 
  4. Certified Safety: The cotton cover is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning it's free from harmful substances and safe for you and your family. 
  5. Hypoallergenic: Crafted with hypoallergenic materials, this pillow is suitable for individuals with allergies and asthma, ensuring a peaceful night's rest. 
  6. Quality Craftsmanship: Every pillow is meticulously crafted to meet the highest quality standards, making it a durable investment that retains its loft and comfort over time. 
  7. Restorative Sleep: The super soft support of the Sultan 5 Star Down Pillow promotes a feeling of weightlessness, helping you relax and sleep deeply. 


Washing Instructions: 

Taking proper care of your Sultan 5 Star Down Pillow ensures its longevity and continued comfort. Follow these washing instructions: 

  1. Dry Cleaning: We recommend dry cleaning or professional laundering for this down pillow. This method helps maintain the loft and quality of the down fill. 
  2. Spot Cleaning: For small stains or spills, gently spot clean the affected area with a mild detergent and water. Allow it to air dry completely before use. 
  3. Fluffing: Regularly fluff your pillow to distribute the down evenly and maintain its loft. 
  4. Protection: Use a pillowcase or pillow protector to shield your pillow from stains and dust. 



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Gentle Reminder, Kindly please take videos and pictures (multiangle interior and exterior packaging once receive the parcel) for any claim to replace the damaged item or to proceed with a refund. Thank you

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