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Gift Box
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Gift Series 2022  


During the end of the year, a lot of event and occasions happen and there is need for you to give gifts, don't they? 


Wedding season, new year and festival season are coming, even most of company will start doing year end gathering right? There is no need to be dizzy because Sultera has a wide selection of products that you can choose to make as a gift. Not just simply buy the products, you can also complete it with our Gift Series package.On this Gift Series package, apart from the products you buy, we will include an exclusive Sultera Gift Box, tissue paper and also a Gift Card, you can also customize the words on the card. 


The available product options are, QUILT RAVELLO sheet set + Sleep mask, Beta Towel Pack 3-in-1 + slippers, Baginda Towel + slippers, Cutlery + Chopsticks and also our Sultan pillow. As for the pillow, we will include a pillow bag + sleep mask and also a Gift Card. You can choose whether you want a 5 Star or 4 Star Sultan pillow.



Sila ambil video dan gambar (dari pelbagai sudut termasuk dalaman dan luaran sebaik anda menerima parcel dari Sultera) sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga sekiranya ada berlakunya kerosakan barang. Ini bertujuan untuk menjadi bukti bagi membolehkan/memudahkan sebarang pertukaran barang yang atau pulangan wang, jika perlu. Terima kasih.

Gentle Reminder, Kindly please take videos and pictures (multiangle interior and exterior packaging once receive the parcel) for any claim to replace the damaged item or to proceed with a refund. Thank you

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